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DIAGNOSING OSA / for the Dental Proffesional

PolySom Diagnostics, LLC

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                                           PolySom Diagnostics, LLC

 Polysom Diagnostics was created to provide a venue for dentists and other healthcare professionals to incorporate home sleep testing services for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea into their practice.  Polysom Diagnostics brings together every aspect of healthcare necessary for a quality home sleep testing program and facilitates the integration of these into your practice.

Our goals are to:

          Provide the highest accuracy available in home sleep testing,

         The most convenience for your patients,

          Prompt turn around for test results and
          Make this available at no cost to the healthcare provider.

Our staff has:

          Over 40 years’ experience in Respiratory Therapy both in hospitals and homecare,                   Over 15 years in polysomnographic testing including home sleep testing,

          Registered Polysomnographic Technician to score tests
          And Interpretations by Physicians Board certified in Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine.        

Our equipment is:

          The highest quality available on the market today,

          Capable of 8 channel monitoring and
          Has two auxiliary leads for additional monitoring.

          Our proprietary data transfer system is HIPPA compliant and 118 bit encrypted.  

With our experience, assets and expertise we can guarantee you a high quality sleep testing program and a seamless integration into your practice.